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20 x 16" oil on 1.5" deep cradled wood panel 


Title: Lawn Chair vs Light Vintage lawn chair in sunlight


I love the way light plays off objects. The way it causes shadow shapes to cast out over planes and bounce colors back onto the object. I've spent days studying the cool and warm color shifts that happen within those little explosions of light and those interesting dark eddys. 


This old lawn vintage lawn chair was one of my favorites. It doesn't know whether it wants to be purple or turquoise but it's not white, except maybe for a couple pops where the sun hits it. There's just a hint of some vines growing on the lattice to the right of the door opening but you really couldn't see them because the light from the doorway was so bright. It was also difficult getting the dusky color of the room right. There was a gloam, the light penetrated it, almost. The color felt cool like the dust in the air to me, while it was warmer outside. It was very early in the morning. The brightness along the top right wall is because that wall isn't as thick and light comes through it. It was an odd lighting situation. Which is why I loved it. Never one to back off a challenge. 


This was the most fun playing with cool and warm temperature and shadow shapes I ever had but honestly,  it was a bit of a nightmare to draw 😂


Thank you for your interest, Jenny

Vintage Lawn Chair in Sunlight

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