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24 x 18 x 1.5" Original oil & cold wax painting on wood panel box.


Who doesn't like flowers in a sunny urban window? I love when the light starts to engulf the subject and there are moments where things get lost. It's just so much fun to paint. And the colors! Especially in this one; every color of the rainbow here. Lavenders and complimentary sunny yellows, glowing oranges and cool blues, even little pops of reddish pinks and a whole spectrum of greens. This one was a symphony of subtle color. And the light and shadow was so much fun to sort out as well. Light and shadow can also be helpful with setting a mood, telling a story. I always look for a strong light and shadow theme when composing a painting idea.


For painters it can be more about the light and shadow on the subjects than it is about the subjects themselves. I can paint any subject, I really don't care. I painted an interestingly lit can of Spam once! It's that perfect light I'm after and it's effects on things around it. We can't see color (or anything without light).


You aren't after pizza... you're after the taste of the pizza, right? 

Opening Day - Flowers in sunny urban window

  • Returns accepted within 14 days.

  • FREE SHIPPING TO US LOWER 48 (Message me for other locations)

    Smaller paintings are wrapped in archival glassine envelopes, sandwiched between two sheets of oversized rigid card or foam board for protection and then packed in rigid packets to help make sure they can't get bent and the edges can't get dinged. 

    Larger paintings are professionally packaged by the shipping company to ensure their safe travels to you. I will send you tracking info and keep in touch with the shipping company and you during the paintings journey. They will need to be signed for. 

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