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When I began painting this series of paintings in 2013 I had no idea they would be the thing that would get me through one of the most difficult times of my life. In 2016-17 my father went through hospice and working on these paintings was something we did together. He loved thinking up these funny animal paintings with me. He insisted it had to be a squirrel with a pearl earring because squirrel rhymes with girl. I wanted a cat, because well, cats. He won, my argument was weak. Now I love the squirrel and think of him every time I look at her.

Dad wrote for The Jackie Gleason Show in the 50s and then later for shows like All in the Family, Sanford & Son, and Chico and the Man. He was nominated for an Academy Award for a comedy short starring Michael Keaton, Betty White, and Martin Mull in the 70s. 

This series is very dear to me. I've been supporting myself full-time with my art for nearly 25 years. Since I first posted this series ten years ago their popularity has steadily risen. I am very thankful for the loyal fans of these animals. I feel like they're supporters of my dad, too.

These 1.5" deep profile, gallery wrap framed prints have been made on finely textured artist-grade canvas. Consistently reproducing image details with outstanding clarity and detail so you'll see all of the rich color and textural elements of my original painting every time.


.: Premium 100% cotton canvas fabric

.: Wooden stretcher frame

.: Solid backing to keep it dust free

.: High image quality and detail

.: For indoor use only

.: UV-safe protective satin finish

.: Hanging brackets attached and ready to hang

.: Made in the US


"Born on the Forth of July" Gallery Wrap Prints