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Vintage Francie : Barbie Series

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

5 x 7" oil and cold wax on Gessobord panel


I think this vintage Francie doll was very well loved. Some little girl gave her a very special haircut at some point in her life. And her mother or grandmother (or someone) made the dress she's wearing. I love the stories behind these dolls even though I'll never really know them. It takes quite a while to paint them and I spend probably more time than you're imagining thinking about these objects' stories. 

Before Covid I could just pop up to the market and find some good produce but lately that's proven not so easy so I've been finding other things to paint. Case in point here. And it's been more fun. I am not sure I'll go back to the old way in fact. Just another example of how Covid may permanently change my life.

Why paint pears when I can paint vintage Barbies with sawed off hair? Or an upcoming project, a disembodied Rock-em Sock-em Robot. It's a blue one that was being sold without his red partner. I don't know what happened to the red one. I didn't ask. It felt too personal. I'm not surprised though, all they ever did was fight.

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