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Orchard Morning

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Orchard Morning 16 x 20 x 1.5" Oil on wood panel

I finished this one a couple of days ago after having to take a hurricane break about halfway through.

I painted this one with my new D'artecor oil colors and when I first ordered them I only had three colors: red, yellow and blue (white too). I didn't want to order a whole set until I knew I could use them without getting sick. They work great but the best part is that I learned how much fun it is to paint with only three colors! The red I used leans orange so to get those pinkish tones I really had to push in the blue and the white. It was challenging. Same with the warm and cool greens, it's all just pushing around the blues and yellow and add just the right amounts of red and white. It just blew my mind what red, yellow and blue could do!

I so highly recommend working with a limited palette to learn about color. I've had so much fun this summer playing around with these three paint colors. Not that I'm happy my paints made me sick but I am continuing to find the gifts in it.

I'm weeks into detoxing and feeling much better, painting every day, so you'll be seeing lots of new work coming soon. After all of the bloodwork came back it wasn't just my paints that were toxifying me, it was also pesticides and gasoline fumes and a lot of things from our toxic world in general but all of the paints and solvents that I had been using on a daily basis for years weren't helping matters.

Orchard Morning is available for purchase here.

Also, there are still a few spots open for my Monday afternoon class and my Wednesday morning class, both start in January. Register here. We will absolutely be learning the limited palette as a way of understanding color.

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