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Into The Grove

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Blond woman running into orange grove oil painting by artist Jenny Berry

Into The Grove 24 x 18" Oil on 1.5" deep wood box panel

Below are some process shots I took of this painting as I worked. I start with a sort of envelope around the body to establish basically where she's going to be placed in the landscape and then I darkened in around her to clean up where I've misjudged. Making little adjustments as I went along, I just kept filling in until the whole under painting was done. This is the process for most of the realism work I do. Sometimes it's tighter sometimes I work more loosely like this one. It's just the mood or how good the reference material is 😂

I started the gauzy skirt differently in this painting and went lights first and then glazed in my darks where on her top I did the traditional dark to light, I didn't know which would work better and I wanted to experiment. It turned out they both worked fine. (50 of one, half dozen of the other as a friend used to say 🤔)

But in this case the skirt really is so light glazing in the darks gave a really nice effect. The top had so many darks I felt like I wanted them well placed from the gitgo. Sometimes these little experiments work and sometimes I make myself a whole lot of trouble! 😂 This one was really a lot of fun!


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