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I Think I'm Missing My Local Diner

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Fried Egg 6 x 6" oil and cold wax on Gessobord panel

My family's big on eating breakfast out at our local diner. They all know us by name. We know everyone's whole story and they know ours. We all wander out sometimes at different times, sometimes together, to have breakfast. We run into each other there sometimes and sit together - or not 😏

We meet up with friends, extended family and neighbors. My friends and students know that I go there and meet me there for coffee sometimes and it turns into this total session that goes on all morning. I miss that so much right now during this lockdown. Maybe that's why I'm painting pancakes and eggs. I don't know. I really miss everyone. I can't check on them. I don't know who will be there when they open back up. Hopefully everyone.

I'm not the only one missing their local diner, the pancakes sold right away and I got a commission for another one. I haven't even put the eggs up on Instagram yet so who know

s? I'm thinking waffles, donuts, bagels... bacon... biscuits and gravy, omelet. I can go on. When they open up the restaurant again I should paint the place. I've said a million times that the light in there in the morning is stunning.

They're talking about opening up the country next week but not here in Florida, it'll still be a while for us. In the meantime I'll stay in the studio and paint breakfast foods and hope my friends at our local diner are okay.

Stay well. Think breakfasty thoughts  🍳🥞🥓

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