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Afternoon Siesta

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

30 X 40 X 1.5" OIL ON PANEL

Four pelicans in a boat floating on the water bright colored oil painting by artist Jenny Berry

I live in south Florida so I'm surrounded by water, it's sunny most of the time and pelicans tend to do this sort of thing a lot. And it's hard not to paint it. It always makes me smile.

I love when they fly along with my car as I cross a bridge on a sunny day. It's like they're playing some kind of game only they understand. They fly low and close, level with my window, looking in at me like I'm some kind of strange, slow land bird that needs this wheeled machine to move at what they obviously consider an easy speed. They don't have limit signs. I can sense the superiority in their eyes.

I'm finding the past few weeks that I'm gravitating to brighter colors and things that as soon as I see them they bring a smile. That's what I'm wanting to paint now.
I hope they make you smile too.

One of my favorite things about living here are the amazing birds that walk right through my yard every day. The ibis, snowy egrets and the persnickety wood storks that try to walk in my front door. I'll never get tired of them! And I'll never get tired of painting them.

One day I looked up and a big wood stork had the side of his head pressed against my window, just looking in, checking me out, looking for food. They're such clowns. And I love sitting at the jetty watching the pelicans dive for fish. Or watching them try to steal fish from the fishermen, that's always the funniest!

After they've eaten they find a spot out on the water where they won't be disturbed, some pilings or an old abandoned boat like this one and they all just hang out and pelican nap.

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