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We meet every Monday afternoon from 1 to 4 pm

A fun painting group to make friends and improve skills. 


Everyone is welcome! 


the BASICS :

  • Appropriate for all levels Beginner - Advanced

  • I have supplies if you need them or bring your own

  • $40. per class pay as you go (here or in class) cash, card, check, Venmo, Zelle

  • Every week. Build on skills you have or start from the beginning. 

  • Mondays 1pm - 4pm at 927 Apricot Avenue Sarasota FL

  • Please message or call me if you have any questions at all 505-400-3355

  • Feel free to stop by during class time and observe and ask questions!

as you PROGRESS :

It's so rewarding to watch your progress over time. Your eyes will get more sensitive to color, light and shadow, you'll start to notice perspective and composition everywhere. 

Here are the 7 fundamental principles I want my students learn. I try to discourage people from thinking they should paint "loose" before they've learned the basics below.  

  • COMPOSITION  The foundation your painting is built on. Don't build on a weak one.

  • VALUE Darks, lights and halftone values round out the forms. It makes things appear 3D in a 2D space. If your values aren't right, the painting lacks depth and dimension

  • COLOR Color theory, color temperature as well as color harmony. Without proper color theory a painting lacks... everything. It can feel jarring and flat, amateurish. But I promise this is easier than you think

  • PERSPECTIVE There are different ways to add depth and dimension to your paintings. The different types of perspective, paint handling and color theory all have their roles to assist you in making your paintings appear more real

  • TEXTURE edges, brush strokes, color variance and mark making. Do you mix one or two flat colors for your sky? Crisp hard edges along everything in your painting? Let me explain why it's working against you. Here's where we start talking about bigger brushes and loose strokes for those of you interested in loosening up! Hint: FIRST you have to learn the basics. It just makes sense. It'll take a few weeks but without them it's a lifetime of frustration. 

  • RHYTHM (balance, variance, repetition, the seemingly tiny little things that can literally kill your painting)

  • NARRATIVE (story, message, even your brush strokes and color choices tell a story. It's called the technical narrative)


Kind words from a student...

I have been taking art classes with Jenny for more than a year now and I can honestly say she is one of the best teachers around. Not only is she very competent to teach painting, she is able to break complicated topics like values and color down into simple concepts that novice students like myself can easily comprehend.


She is very generous with her time and her knowledge, always willing to help her students realize their fullest potential. Before taking classes with Jenny, I literally painted like a kindergarten child. After taking a few classes, I now get compliments on my work and even offers to buy some pieces.


Wow I never expected that in my lifetime of dabbling with paints. Jenny will help anyone discover the true artist in you. If you have any doubts, please try out her class and you will see what I mean. You won't be sorry and frankly amazed that your inner artist has found a voice and place to comfortably come out.

KarolAnne, M


Tel. 505-400-3355

927 Apricot Ave. 
Sarasota, FL 34237

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Monday 1:00pm - 4:00pm

or book a private Zoom lesson

Stop by if you'd like to check out class in session and see what we're all about, no need to call first.

We're at 927 Apricot Ave.

Sarasota, FL 34237



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